Hobbes and Public Education

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Thomas Hobbes contends, both explicitly and implicitly, in his Leviathan that political philosophy is an impossible project because the greatest of the political philosophers (Plato and Aristotle) had failed to convert political wisdom into an attainable goal. In other words, … Continue reading

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Reflections on No Box Thinking

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A wonderful chat I’ve recently come across is the No Box Thinking chat (#NBTchat – Sundays 7pm central). The central theme suggests that “thinking outside the box” isn’t enough to ensure the vitality of education. During any meeting, education or … Continue reading

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Space-Jellyfish & Your Students

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I was reading this article about Jellyfish born in space. Apparently, being born in a gravitation free environment messes with calcium crystals that evolved in jellyfish (most animals, really) to help them orient themselves & navigate the seas. As squishy … Continue reading

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Born in Texas: South By Southwest 2014 Is Here!

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sxsw Another SXSW is upon us, which means a whole bunch of WordPress team members will be heading to Austin later this week. Since the official schedule is packed full of events, we want to make sure that you have the inside scoop on what we’ll be up to and where you can find us. If you’re in town, we hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Speaking of WordPress…

Keep your schedules open for a couple of exciting panels taking place over the SXSW Interactive weekend.

Starting things off on Saturday, March 8, our founder, Matt Mullenweg, will be looking at The Open Source Revolution: From Blogs to Homes. The panelists will discuss how open source is affecting the tech industry and what the future of technology looks like for those shaping the open source revolution (Saturday, March 8, 3:30pm at the Radisson).

Then, on Sunday, March 9, Automattic…

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New Graduation Plan with Endorsements


Nice post!

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Graduation Options

When House Bill 5 was being debated in the Texas Legislature, at first the main focus was the reduction of required number of STAAR End-of-Course exams from 15 to 5.   Students are now required to take EOCs in US History, Biology, Algebra 1, English 1, and English 2.

Now the main focus is on the new graduation requirements, which will affect all current 8th graders as the begin high school next year.

What we have now is called The Foundation Plan.   In addition, each student will have the option of graduating with an endorsement (possibly more than one).  The five endorsement areas are …

  1. STEM
  2. Arts and Humanities
  3. Business and Industry
  4. Public Service
  5. Multidisciplinary

Foundation Plan with Endorsements

We have had numerous meetings with administrators in our school district as well as with administrators for other school districts.  HB5 is very detailed and somewhat confusing because of all the options it allows.   However, I…

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Best Methods and Tools for Online Educators to Give Students Helpful and Meaningful Feedback


Great read. Meaningful feedback help calibrate teacher expectations & student intentions so that deep learning can happen.

Originally posted on online learning insights:

strict businesswoman shouting in megaphone

Giving Feedback to Students that Stands Out

In last week’s post Tools-of-the-Trade to Make your Online Teaching Even Better I reviewed various tools that help online educators make a connection with students by using media other than text to deliver guidance and instructions to students in online classes.  In this post I focus on how educators teaching online [and face-to-face] can use ed-tech tools effectively to provide formative and summative feedbackto their students. I’ve included several resources and examples of ed-tech tools in this post in a case study format featuring both online and face-to-face educators describing their methods. 

The Case for Formative Feedback
Formative feedback in some cases is more valuable to student learning than the final assessment. For instance, when a final grade comes later in the course session the student is not as receptive to feedback, and often focuses on the grade not the feedback. Formative…

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Homeless Students

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The image below is of neither a house nor a home.  Building materials serve as the foundation that is the very beginning of the structure that may become a home. In a similar fashion, why do many educators think that … Continue reading

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Philosophy as cleansing agent.

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Philosophy is acidic.  It eats away at everything it touches, including itself.  Acids dissolve, but they also cleanse what has become unclean.  What I mean by this is that once the spectre of questioning is released, without a container or … Continue reading

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