Hobbes and Public Education

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Thomas Hobbes contends, both explicitly and implicitly, in his Leviathan that political philosophy is an impossible project because the greatest of the political philosophers (Plato and Aristotle) had failed to convert political wisdom into an attainable goal. In other words, … Continue reading

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I don’t want to be a teacher anymore.

Etymologically speaking, I’d rather be an educator :) Nourushing, rearing and training sounds a lot better than showing, pointing and training. Dogs get trained…kids shouldn’t.

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Speed Dating As Professional Development (or classroom use)

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The Impetus Instruction technology coaches who care about their audiences are always looking for ways to spice up the mostly boring “sit and get” sessions that have become the norm. A few weeks ago as my family and I were … Continue reading

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My Move To “The Reeg”

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After a wonderful 10 year relationship with the Northwest Independent School District, I have decided to move on and enter into a new and excited role with ESC Region 11 (now known in my head, at least, as “The Reeg”). … Continue reading

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8-Bit Philosophy


Great resource! Wish I had this available for my government.

Originally posted on Engage Their Minds - Great Minds DON'T Think Alike!:

There aren’t a lot of opportunities in a standard curriculum for students to think philosophically.  Hopefully, teachers still find ways to give them time for such discussions.  In the past, I’ve written about the Kids Philosophy Slam and Teaching Children Philosophy as resources for integrating philosophy into the classroom.  Both of those offer ways for students for K-12 to become philosophers.

8-Bit Philosophy would be better for older students – middle school and above.  The topics are a little “heady” for elementary.  However, I think tweens and teens would really enjoy the fun graphics in these short videos, and they would definitely spark some interesting conversations.  There are currently 7 episodes available.  Each one is between 2-4 minutes long.  The subjects range from, “Do humans operate like computers?” to “Can we be certain of anything?”  (After watching the latter, I’m only certain that we can’t!)

As always, preview any videos before showing them…

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Humor As An Assessment Tool

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Humor as a high form of seriousness: Playing with possibility. “Serious things cannot be understood without laughable things” – Plato’s Laws Books VII (10th paragraph from bottom) Each of our classrooms harbor near infinite versions of the future. As we … Continue reading

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NEW Podcast: #30SecondTake


What a freaking genius idea! Love it!!!

Originally posted on Adjusting Course:

30 Second Take Title

Podcast Format

Each week we’ll feature two guest hosts that participate in a digital duel. The podcast focuses on pedagogy, innovation, and educational technology. Our purpose is to engage practitioners in a FUN and interactive experience comprised of dialogue and reflection around a single guiding question.  The show is uptempo and fast-paced. If you blink you just might miss it, but that’s by design. Here’s why…

Creativity is often cultivated by constraints. The time restrictions of the podcast require succinct communication, and participants will certainly need to be creative to share their “take” in 30 seconds or less. After all, if you can’t explain something to somebody in 30 seconds or less you may not understand the issue as well as you think!

Viewers are asked to vote for the most compelling response each week, and add any comments/questions on Twitter using the hashtag #30SecondTake.


The best part about the podcast is that…

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FIND YOUR SPARK! Be a firecracker for your students!


Great post. I think this is one of the many reasons I love education as well as baseball. Realistically or not, there is a chance at ‘rebirth': correcting old wrongs, strengthening what we do right, & throwing in a little innovation where appropriate. I think hope, if translated as rebirth, is such a strong stabilizer in education. When we internalize this and pass it on to our students (ie. Keep trying & few things are ever final) then they get a second or third wind during the school year.

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2014-07-05 08.40.27FIND YOUR SPARK! Be a firecracker for your students!

It has been a great summer so far! It is amazing to have time to spend with family and friends. It is also time to reflect on the past school year. I have been thinking about the the wonderful things that transpired last year. What can I do differently that will impact my students on whole new level? As teachers we should adapt, change, or modify lessons from year to year. Do not stay stagnant!

I was given the opportunity to attend Ipadpalooza 2014. It was beyond amazing. It is refreshing to learn from different perspectives. I met many amazing educators that I have been collaborating with on Twitter. I think making personal connections with our virtual connections enhances our collaboration. They had such great sessions to bring back home. What I love about this type of PD is that you…

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