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Aurasma Tutorial: Multiple Overlays On A Single Trigger Image

Here are a couple Aurasma related video walk-throughs. The first shows showing what a multiple overlay aura will look like via Aurasma and the second shows any Aurasma user how to embed multiple overlays on a single trigger image in … Continue reading

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Celly: A Twitter Alternative

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I feel like I’m talking bad behind a good friend’s back as I write this. Twitter is the world to me.  If Twitter were a friend, I’d leave it all of my worldy possessions when I passed on to that … Continue reading

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Teleology + Wikis = Classwide Collaborative Essays

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Teleology is basically the study of how everything fits, from top to bottom, within a system. Since I’m a “big picture” kind of guy, I tend to present topics or units to my students from the bird’s eye view and … Continue reading

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The Seven Qualities of Visionary Leaders

Love this author. He does what I aspire to do in all my efforts: get to a valuable point succinctly. The Seven Qualities of Visionary Leaders.

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The Incomplete Constitution

The Constitution is the greatest protector of rights ever penned by man’s hands. Simply by being a written Constitution, the document professes to be a touch-stone of liberty. Like a rulebook, if you want to know if someone is cheating … Continue reading

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Presenting on #AugmentedReality Via @ApparmoAR

Originally posted on ARMet:
Presenting on #AugmentedReality   (Introduction by @LauraLME)  The benefits of Social Media have been largely explained, illustrated and promoted, but nothing gives a better idea about the positive effects of social networking and interaction, as the…

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AR is cool…so, what?

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Augmented reality has been around long enough now that its newness is fading and pragmatic question like “How does this raise the intellectual bar in my classroom?” begin to take center stage. My partner in crime, @JillCompher, and I have … Continue reading

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BNHS Aurasma Presentation: More Trigger Images

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*This post is part of a larger presentation performed in front of a live studio audience 🙂 In ALL cases you will either be using the Aurasma app (& Tap the magnifying icon at the bottom of the screen in … Continue reading

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Protected: BNHS Aurasma Basics Presentation Docs

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Every Student Is A Piraeus

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In the first few pages of Plato’s Republic we catch Socrates walking his star pupil, Glaucon, up and away from the Piraeus, the port city attached to Athens. They had gone down there because they had heard a new goddess … Continue reading

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