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Another Training? -or- How I Learned to Love the Education Pendulum.

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Models are interesting things. They both are and are not the thing they represent.  So, for example, a model of Jupiter points to but can never be the real Jupiter.  A painting, an appropriately colored Styrofoam ball, or a set … Continue reading

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Stich.It Is Pretty Much Awesome Sauce!

This weekend #TxGoo met and, as I usually do when educators I admire get together, I stalked them like cray! Aimee Bartis tweeted out a curious link to a video concerning “”.  I was immediately floored!  There are so many … Continue reading

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Revisiting Federalist X

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When I first came to the United States from Costa Rica in 1980 I was intimidated by everything I saw.  Especially here in Texas, everything seemed bigger and better than what I had experienced in San Jose.  It was, to … Continue reading

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Letting Your Kids Fail Forward: A Surprising Exchange with a Student’s Mother

I received this somewhat shocking email a while back. A mother contacted me to let me know that, after I offered academic and social safety nets in my college class to her son, “allowing” him to fail was one of … Continue reading

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Making It Pop! App Smashing Aurasma + Sphere

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The Greatness of #CatBread After our TCEA presentation in Austin, back in February, we received a few requests for tutorials one how to make Aurasma perform certain actions.  One of the more popular ones was making a “Sphere” pop out … Continue reading

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Being All That You Can Be

Originally posted on Sam's Reflections:
There are a plethora of teacher resignation letters on the Internet; I refuse to link to any of them, but they follow the same format: “I love teaching, I love my students, but I…

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#EdCampNov8 Reflections

The EdCampNov8 team just completed our first edcamp on Saturday, May 3rd. So much to process, so I’ll do it “stream-of-consciousness” style: I am always amazed at the transition from energy to matter, ideas to actions, the imperceptible to the … Continue reading

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