FIND YOUR SPARK! Be a firecracker for your students!

Great post. I think this is one of the many reasons I love education as well as baseball. Realistically or not, there is a chance at ‘rebirth’: correcting old wrongs, strengthening what we do right, & throwing in a little innovation where appropriate. I think hope, if translated as rebirth, is such a strong stabilizer in education. When we internalize this and pass it on to our students (ie. Keep trying & few things are ever final) then they get a second or third wind during the school year.

STAAR Techers

2014-07-05 08.40.27FIND YOUR SPARK! Be a firecracker for your students!

It has been a great summer so far! It is amazing to have time to spend with family and friends. It is also time to reflect on the past school year. I have been thinking about the the wonderful things that transpired last year. What can I do differently that will impact my students on whole new level? As teachers we should adapt, change, or modify lessons from year to year. Do not stay stagnant!

I was given the opportunity to attend Ipadpalooza 2014. It was beyond amazing. It is refreshing to learn from different perspectives. I met many amazing educators that I have been collaborating with on Twitter. I think making personal connections with our virtual connections enhances our collaboration. They had such great sessions to bring back home. What I love about this type of PD is that you…

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2013 Northwest ISD teacher of the year, Humanities Texas 2012 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, and 2011 Outstanding Educator of North Texas Award (North Central Texas College). I'm currently a Regional Digital Learning Consultant with the Education Service Center Region 11 in Ft. Worth, Texas and a college government educator who incorporates philosophy, technology & humor. A student through and through, I walk with my students in their learning. Most importantly, I'm blessed with the 3 most perfect kids eva! I love on them ery day!!!
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