The (student) struggle is real…& beneficial!!!

I was reading this article about Jellyfish born in space. Apparently, being born in a gravitation free environment messes with calcium crystals that evolved in jellyfish (most animals, really) to help them orient themselves & navigate the seas.


As squishy & fragile as these creatures seem, they need the constant tug of gravity to fulfill their “jellyfish-ness”.

What a great argument for classroom/campus/district standards (academic & discipline-wise). Humanity was born out of pressure to survive and rise above the rest of creation.

The soft bigotry of low expectations hurts everyone one of our “jellyfish” from the youngest to the oldest. Our students need pressure so they can properly orient themselves for the world they will co-create and eventually inherit.  Ironically (in a way), this article reminds me of a letter I received from a mother who was thankful that her son “failed forward” in my dual-credit government class.

There is soft bigotry in looking the other way when students cheat (in the variety of ways that they pull this off), preparing low level lessons, and assuming students can’t achieve more than you expect by taking choice and freedom of action away from them.

Human beings need pressure, direction, & those tugs/nudges that help us navigate life. Guidance, successes & failures are all needed to produce the next generation of leaders.

Jellyfish need resistance to their efforts to become what they are and so do our students.


About Thrasymachus

2013 Northwest ISD teacher of the year, Humanities Texas 2012 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, and 2011 Outstanding Educator of North Texas Award (North Central Texas College). I'm currently a Regional Digital Learning Consultant with the Education Service Center Region 11 in Ft. Worth, Texas and a college government educator who incorporates philosophy, technology & humor. A student through and through, I walk with my students in their learning. Most importantly, I'm blessed with the 3 most perfect kids eva! I love on them ery day!!!
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2 Responses to The (student) struggle is real…& beneficial!!!

  1. Why not grow jellyfish in a jar placed on a rotisserie? The gravitational force would average out to 0. It would be interesting to see what happens.

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