U.S. Government Demographics Project

One of my favorite and most challenging assignments for my students is the demographics project that covers quite a few chapters in both my regular government class as well as my college classes.

I’ll forgo the in depth explanation since it is included in the rubric and the instructions.

Students research a swing state in the guise of a presidential adviser.  They are to set up specific counties in which their candidate will visit or give speeches.  They are also to research the demographic trends and realities of that county or region of the state so that their candidate says the right thing to the right degree.

I’ve also included a wonderful scrip that you can add to google forms so that once you grade your groups, Google will immediately email the completed form to you and to your students (they’ll have to enter it in the form prior to the presentation).  I added a text box under each multiple choice section of the rubric so I could more full explain to my students why I chose to give them 4/6 points.

Finally, I’ve added a lengthy description to the rubric so I wouldn’t have to post two items.  You can separate the two if you wish.

1) Rubric and instructions

2) Here are the instructions on how to create a self mailing Google Doc.

3) Here’s an example without audio (he presented in class and answered questions as well).

I’ll be uploading a few more entertaining more in depth projects shortly.


About Thrasymachus

2013 Northwest ISD teacher of the year, Humanities Texas 2012 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, and 2011 Outstanding Educator of North Texas Award (North Central Texas College). I'm currently a Regional Digital Learning Consultant with the Education Service Center Region 11 in Ft. Worth, Texas and a college government educator who incorporates philosophy, technology & humor. A student through and through, I walk with my students in their learning. Most importantly, I'm blessed with the 3 most perfect kids eva! I love on them ery day!!!
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