Twitterfest #1: Tweeting with Texas State Representative Tan Parker

The following conversation between my 1st block class and State Representative Tan Parker on Monday October 29th, 2012.  Mr. Parker was nice enough to visit our class in a virtual manner via Twitter.

We prepared for the exchange by researching Mr. Parker’s position on various political issues.  We plotted Mr. Parker’s political position on an x-y graph and anticipated his responses.

Mr. Parker was gracious enough, after this exchange, to offer to Tweet with my classes again when the Texas State Legislature convenes in January.

  1. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt well be ready in two minutes…going over ground rules 🙂
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:38:41
  2. King_Lyons24
    @tparker63 how did you get started in politics? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:41:26
  3. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt How has politics affected your private life?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:43:42
  4. chelsietheend
    @tparker63 off highway 287, the exit off Harmon is an awful road. For to the state funds can you do anything to fix this? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:44:36
  5. Thrasymachus
    @tparker63 can use hashtag #coopgovt with your responses? We’re tracking this hashtag using a program
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:44:46
  6. ColbertJames
    @tparker63, what made you want to run in politics? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:44:55
  7. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus got it. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:46:10
  8. redhot1994
    @tparker63 how did you get elected for state representative? What did you have to do to work your way up? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:46:12
  9. Thrasymachus
    Perfect #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:46:56
  10. tparker63
    @ColbertJames in ’06 our state rep retired and I thought I could be value add in the role. The timing was right so I ran and won #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:47:09
  11. Thrasymachus
    @tparker63 you may see a flurry of questions in a moment, just pick and choose which ones you want 🙂 #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:47:42
  12. tparker63
    @chelsietheend be happy to look into it. We may have some local txdot dollars available. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:48:19
  13. hayliepaige95
    @tparker63 What’s your favorite thing about your job? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:48:25
  14. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus pick and choose? How did I get so lucky? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:49:15
  15. tparker63
    @hayliepaige95 being your voice in Austin on the major issues before the state. It is a responsibility I take seriously and enjoy #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:50:43
  16. King_Lyons24
    @tparker63 what are your top 3 issues with voters in your district? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:51:41
  17. AshleyBaucum
    @tparker63 Do you think politicians should have term limits? ���� #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:51:41
  18. chelsietheend
    @tparker63 is this really you or a certain member of your staff? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:51:55
  19. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt what are the big issues facing Texas these days? In the coming years? @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:52:02
  20. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus the budget, public edu, readying a workforce, infrastructure planning (roads and water) to name a few #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:53:35
  21. Thrasymachus
    What is your opinion on government benefits for veterans and retired military personal. #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:55:07
  22. tparker63
    @King_Lyons24 top 3? I’d say lowering taxes, strong public schools and defending traditional family values #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:55:11
  23. AshleyBaucum
    @tparker63 Would you be willing to Skype us? 🙂 #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:56:24
  24. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus I’m for them. They pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We do property tax breaks in TX for disabled vets #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:56:25
  25. tparker63
    @shadowofthebat2 a new president. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:56:49
  26. tayblackstock
    @tparker63 What are your views on abortion? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:57:08
  27. AbigailLively
    @tparker63 What is your opinion on gas prices?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:57:21
  28. tparker63
    @shadowofthebat2 more specific we need to improve our infrastructure, invest in more workforce development…. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:57:30
  29. tparker63
    @shadowofthebat2 …and keep Texas’s business climate one of the most attractive in the nation. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:58:06
  30. justinmay12
    #coopgovt how long have you been in office @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:58:49
  31. King_Lyons24
    @tparker63 what do you think about the high school graduate rate in texas? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:59:01
  32. tparker63
    @tayblackstock I’m pro life. I do not support abortion except for cases of rape and when the mom’s life is in danger #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:59:22
  33. _DocMartin
    What is your opinion on government benefits for veterans and retired military personal. #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 06:59:33
  34. tparker63
    @AbigailLively too high. Kills me every time I fill up. Our nation needs to drill baby drill. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:00:00
  35. tparker63
    @AshleyBaucum don’t think I know how. Had to take a 101 just to learn how to live tweet. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:00:36
  36. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt @tparker63. I know we’re hitting up against the 9 pm limit. Any parting words?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:01:37
  37. King_Lyons24
    @tparker63 do you support the food stamp program? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:01:47
  38. tparker63
    @redhot1994 better enforce the laws we already have and look for new laws that will strengthen w/o hurting people’s civil rights #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:02:04
  39. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt thanks for taking the time to check in with us!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:02:40
  40. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus this was fun. Keep the questions coming. I can go for another 15 or so. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:02:40
  41. AbigailLively
    #IdriveATruck. KillsMeToo!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:04:31
  42. AshleyBaucum
    @tparker63 what are the prospects of us finding a job after college? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:04:47
  43. chelsietheend
    @tparker63 is there any way to lower in state tuition rates? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:05:07
  44. justinmay12
    #coopgovt do you plan on running for national government or just on the state level? @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:05:22
  45. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:05:55
  46. EzzyIsMessy_
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:06:54
  47. tayblackstock
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:06:58
  48. AshleyBaucum
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:07:04
  49. King_Lyons24
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:07:17
  50. tparker63
    @justinmay12 just state level. I like being close to Texas. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:07:41
  51. chelsietheend
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:08:38
  52. chelsietheend
    #coopgovt @King_Lyons24 has no future
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:08:38
  53. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt @tparker63 we’re currently studying demographics and the 2012 election. How do you use demographics in your position if at all?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:08:57
  54. redhot1994
    RT @Thrasymachus: #coopgovt @tparker63 district 63 says “hello”!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:10:06
  55. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus we use them all the time. Most recently we relied on demographics heavily in the redistricting process. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:10:50
  56. tparker63
    @shadowofthebat2 volunteer on campaigns, join youth political groups. That’s how I got started. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:13:50
  57. tparker63
    @redhot1994 yes. This is a big issue. More ways to develop a workforce are key, as well as keeping business taxes low #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 07:15:03
  58. TorriStapleton
    @TeamRomney My friend Alyssa Kesler and I are emailing you our plan of attack! I ❤ Romney #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 08:25:25
  59. amberwelch94
    @BarackObama I sent a message w/ sugesstions for your campaign for govt. class. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:05:43
  60. AlexMcwillliams
    @TeamRomney Devin and i wanted to let you know we emailed you our plan of attack against obama. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:09:53
  61. ReevesMerry
    @tparker63 #coopgovt what are you or Texas doing to address the college tuition rates?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:55:28
  62. Thrasymachus
    Ok, my 4th period class is ready to roll when you are, sir. #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:56:34
  63. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus let’s do it. I’m ready #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:57:07
  64. katiewill95
    @tparker63 how much of a role does religion play when voting for bills? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:58:14
  65. tparker63
    @baabycaatt Texas citizens actually settled that issue in a prop vote in ’05. Before I was elected. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:58:25
  66. chrisbumgarner
    @tparker63 #coopgovt what is your position on the military
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:58:26
  67. baabycaatt
    @baabycaatt: Why are Texas Reps so against gay marriage? @tparker63 #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:58:37
  68. tparker63
    @ReevesMerry looking for budget areas we can cut in order to invest more in higher edu. Also looking at tuition freeze options #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:59:23
  69. clay_white82
    @tparker63 #coopgovt what are you or Texas doing to curve illegal drugs in this area?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:59:42
  70. Redneck_Ross
    What is your view on company’s that hire illegal immigrants? @tparker63 #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 09:59:54
  71. baabycaatt
    @tparker63 That seems kinda sketchy. Was religion involved? I think you should mention something. My moms deserve to get married. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:00:18
  72. Ally_Novelli
    Whats your view on companies hiring illegal immigrants when jobs like these could be provided for students like us? #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:00:45
  73. tparker63
    @katiewill95 it plays some. Some bills directly impact churches. Others I tend to let the Lord’s will guide my vote. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:01:03
  74. tparker63
    @chrisbumgarner I am for a strong, fully funded military to protect this country. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:01:34
  75. tparker63
    @Ally_Novelli I oppose the hiring of non-citizens over citizens and have supported measures to curb this hiring abuse #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:02:25
  76. ReevesMerry
    #coopgovt is there anything on the horizon to increase money for Texas scholarships? @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:02:34
  77. tparker63
    @Redneck_Ross I oppose the hiring of non-citizens in Texas and have worked to pass bills that curb this abuse #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:03:23
  78. clay_white82
    @tparker63 #coopgovt Are you for giving health care to low income families?
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:04:13
  79. Thrasymachus
    Here are some of your young constituents #coopgovt @tparker63
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:04:22
  80. tparker63
    @ReevesMerry I would have to visit with my colleagues on the approps committee to be specific. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:04:53
  81. chrisbumgarner
    @ tparker63 #coopgovt In a case not concerning the health of a mother or insest what is your view on abortion
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:05:16
  82. kimberleighhh
    @tparker63 what are you doing to stop high school students from getting access to illegal drugs? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:05:27
  83. baabycaatt
    Can we just get rid of state taxes? @tparker63 #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:05:39
  84. Ally_Novelli
    @tparker63 What sort of measures is the government as well as your self going about doing in order to see this through? #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:05:50
  85. tparker63
    @MorganChavira yes. In ’07 I supported making biblical history an elective course, in part because of my faith. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:06:41
  86. Ally_Novelli
    RT @tparker63: @MorganChavira yes. In ’07 I supported making biblical history an elective course, in part because of my faith. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:07:26
  87. tparker63
    @baabycaatt I’d like too. We have low taxes in Texas, compared to other states. But govt does need a little money for services. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:07:35
  88. tparker63
    @ja_min34 keep the business climate good by keeping taxes low and a workforce ready to meet employment demands. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:09:08
  89. Thrasymachus
    #coopgovt @tparker63 The bell rang a little sooner than I expected. The kids are headed out. Sorry this was abbreviated.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:09:22
  90. tparker63
    @ja_min34 our unemployment rate is lower than national average. State lawmakers are on ye right course. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:09:52
  91. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus no prob. My pleasure. Let’s do it again sometime. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:10:30
  92. Thrasymachus
    @tparker63 #coopgovt Thx! Our classes tweeted during the Prez debates worked so well I thought tweeting with you would be logical next step
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:11:23
  93. Thrasymachus
    @tparker63 #coopgovt Let me know if you ever want to do something like this again. A couple small glitches, but we all loved it!
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:12:03
  94. tparker63
    @clay_white82 yes. Federal law requires that each state have some kind of Medicaid prog. Ours is small, though. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:12:47
  95. tparker63
    @baabycaatt I support trad. Marriage. Understand your point, but we have to respectfully disagree on this one. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:14:40
  96. tparker63
    @Thrasymachus we should try to do it maybe 1 day during session. Look me up in January. #coopgovt
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:15:21
  97. Thrasymachus
    @tparker63 #coopgovt You don’t have to ask me twice! I’ll be all over that. It will be 2nd semester and a new group of students
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:39:06
  98. Thrasymachus
    My students interacted with St. Rep. Tan Parker via Twitter this morning! Great exchange Loved it! #nhs1213 #coopgovt @tparker63 #I<3Twitter
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 11:41:56

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2013 Northwest ISD teacher of the year, Humanities Texas 2012 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, and 2011 Outstanding Educator of North Texas Award (North Central Texas College). I'm currently a Regional Digital Learning Consultant with the Education Service Center Region 11 in Ft. Worth, Texas and a college government educator who incorporates philosophy, technology & humor. A student through and through, I walk with my students in their learning. Most importantly, I'm blessed with the 3 most perfect kids eva! I love on them ery day!!!
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